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LEMPAD: A TIMELESS BALINESE MASTER by Gaspar, Casanovas, Couteau

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Until the publication of Lempad, a Timeless Balinese Master, edited by renowned international art experts Ana & Antonio Casanovas together with Pictures Publishers, no book and no meaningful catalog had ever been published about the great Balinese artist I Gusti Nyoman Lempad (1862-1978). Yet Lempad is an acknowledged icon of Balinese art, his reputation unmatched.

Lempad owes this reputation to his numerous innovations, made at different historical periods, and in different types of art. He can actually be considered one of the first Balinese modern artists or one that became a bridge between traditional and modern art. Prior to the late 1920s and the arrival of Walter Spies and Western artists in Ubud, he was mainly known as an architect or undagi, after that date he became a black and white drawing master.

Lempad, a Timeless Balinese Master gives a complete presentation of the artist's creativity such as depicted above. The book is accompanied by rich illustrations and by complete information about the artist's biography, historical and cultural environment as well as style and aesthetics. The book also contains a detailed narrative depiction and artistic evaluation of the 252 artworks presented in full-color page, 198 drawings and 54 sculptures, all of which are scattered in Museums or private collections around the world.

Lempad is, at last, 36 years after his death, obtaining full recognition for what he really is: a timeless master with Balinese soul but universal mind who could sit side by side with internationally renowned artists such as Miquel Angelo or Gaudi and whose work, we consider, deserves to be known as part of the world artistic heritage.

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