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SRIHADI SOEDARSONO— MAN x UNIVERSE by Jean Couteau & Farida Srihadi

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Srihadi Soedarsono’s oeuvre can be construed as the continuation of a Javanese mystical endeavor that goes back as far as Borobudur’s days. The painter Srihadi harnesses the symbolic language of the Borobudur and that of the wayang to create his own Borobudur- and wayang-inspired symbolic world. Yet, the way Srihadi fashions his symbols, in their form, color, and composition, and takes each of them, each time, to the very end of their possible expression — undoubtedly positions him as a master symbolist of international stature and an incomparable colorist.

This book is the latest and the best Srihadi book ever—printed in chroma inks technology to represent his difficult vivid colors.

35 x 28 cm (landscape)
298 pages, full color
4 kg
English and Bahasa
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