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This book is important for two major reasons. Firstly, it is edited as an homage to the centenary of the artist Willem Dooijewaard who belongs unavoidably to the history of art in Indonesia, not only because he came here to paint, but also because he expressed through his art a strong sentiment of love for this country.. Secondly, this book is a real document on the work of the artist in Indonesia. It was impossible to collect all his works that are scattered with collectors around the world, but page after page we can appreciate with interest the evolution of his talent in different periods, especially in his graphics where an artist usually expresses more deeply the vibrations of his soul.

The style of Doiijewaard evolved considerably during his career. From a first drawing executed in 1916 to some masterpieces realised in 1933 it was a long road full of work and adventure. All serious collectors know the importance of the work of this artist in Indonesia. This book has been compiled to give them more details concerning his history through his wife's, Mrs. Jacoba F. Dooijewaard, documentations. The book is arranged more like a bouquet in a vase to express the exceptional fragrance of Willem Dooijewaard, who was not only an artist but also a true traveler.

11 x 15 cm
English & French
1 kg
172 pages
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