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ISLAND OF THE SPIRITS (Collectors Edition) by John Stanmeyer

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Limited edition of 20 copies in a special clamshell box. Numbered and signed by the artist. Includes a special photo print on fine Hahnemuhle photo paper in an envelope.

Ghosts hover everywhere in Bali. At least that is what the inhabitants of this Indonesian island believe, who see their lives as connected with an ‘other world.’ Balinese spiritual culture, a mixture of Hinduism, animism, and Islam, was one of the last in the world to have developed in all isolation. Because of that, centuries-old ceremonies and rituals survive down to this day. International award-winning photographer, John Stanmeyer, spent five years creating this reportage whilst using a camera known as a Holga. His photographs appear to have been made decades ago, stressing the historicity of the spiritual culture on Bali in deeply-layered ways never seen on Balinese culture.

Clothbound Hardcover
28 x 28 cm
144 pages
5 kg
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