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SOUL ODYSSEY (Collectors Edition) by Lans Brahmantyo

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In Soul Odyssey Collectors Edition, the journey is but a route. It is a process by which a determination becomes a destination. Using a realistic approach, the simplicity of angles stands out in Lans’s photographs, il- lustrating his explicit strength. His photographic creation can be called a ‘visual soliloquy’ because of the way it expresses a yearning for a very personal spiritual enlightenment. Lans captured a variety of events and activities that touched his heart during his pilgrimage to the Old City of Jerusalem and several locations in the Middle East, all of which have a historical and spiritual significance. What is important in this book is that Lans has precisely chosen photography as his medium to visually express his feelings to those who believe in the power of symbology in photography. A collection of international award-winning images of a soul-refreshing odyssey in the subjective spirit of peace. Only 25 pieces of this edition is ever produced.

Special Packaging Box:
Laser engraved MDF box, Signed and Numbered by the artist
Hardcover with dust jacket
Signed and Numbered Photoprint on Hahnemuhle photo paper
Facsimile of Special Article in Leica Fotografie International 2007 Issue featuring Soul Odyssey
Box size: 45 x 35 cm
136 pages
4 kg