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A SCENE OF NGAMEN by Diego Zapatero

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Karangduwet, Gunung Kidul


Traditionally, the topeng dance developed and spread amongst the Javanese population through nomadic wandering troupes of artists basically offering their shows and entertaining repertoires for hire to local patrons wherever they traveled. The literal translation of ngamen means begging. This is how the Panji cycle of stories became popular from the 16th century on to the present. This popular masked dance distinguishes itself from the royal court versions especially as it is simplified in many technical and choreographic aspects. Small versus High tradition. Very few topeng ngamen troupes survive today. This picture is from the Karangduwet group in the Wonosari regency, one of the very last active topeng troupes left in the Yogyakarta Province.

Printed on 185gsm Canson® Montval® watercolor paper or 300gsm Hahnemuhle William Turner

Edition of 20