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BISIKAN ALAM by Sigit Pramono

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A collection of full-color, fine-art landscape photographs taken in England, Turkey, Japan, New Zealand, USA, and Indonesia by Sigit Pramono, depicting the four elements of nature that shape our world. 

Bisikan Alam is the inner voice of a photographer who tries to glue the space from a number of points on the atlas of planet earth as a string of respect for the wisdom and majesty of nature. He records the light trails of the universe and spreads its atmosphere before us as a personal ritual, which spiritually connects the human child with the Creator. This photography book is also a space of contemplation where photographic images are taken from the wisdom of the main elements of nature, earth (bhumi), water (tirta), fire (agni), wind (bayu), essentially whisper to us, how humans are just a grain of sand in the world. beach, or a handful of planets in the Milky Way solar system.

Hardcover with dust jacket
28 x  28 cm
116 pages
Bahasa Indonesia
1.5 kg
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