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HIGH DOGCIETY by Ted van der Hulst

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Ted van der Hulst (1982) has photographed the world around him for about ten years. He studied photography at the Fotovakschool in Amsterdam and specialized in portrait and documentary photography. For several years, Ted has lived on the Indonesian island of Bali, together with his wife and son. The pictures he took there of baby orangutan, Dennis, received much attention. Dennis was rescued during an action on Sumatra from the hands of a notorious, international animal trader.

For ‘story telling’, more is needed than a good camera and a photogenic subject. “The most important thing is not the camera but the eye,” the German-American press photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt once aptly said. Therefore, Ted finds it important to observe his subject, contemplating the character of humans and animals, their vulnerability or imperfection. That takes a lot of time, patience and talent.

Ted distinguishes himself through a good eye for a good picture, in creating images that tell a coherent story. Often on the cutting edge of desperation and reality, focused on people and animals living under oppression. The ultimate temptation for Ted is not in capturing perfection. Nothing or no one is perfect. Everyone has some aberration. That makes each person and each animal unique. Not in the serenity of perfection, but rather the imperfection is the true beauty for Ted van der Hulst.

Ted van der Hulst is a photographer who, despite the poetry in his photography, shows an uncomfortable reality and brings us into contact with the essence of life and longing for liberation from the banal. It is a committed, narrative form of photography, that leaves the issues of the day behind and looks for engagement.

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