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DENNIS by Ted van der Hulst

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The book is about Dennis the Orang Utan. With a foreword of Dennis Weening, ambassador of the foundation Jaan, whom Dennis is named for. Dennis is a victim of the palm oil industry and rescued from the hands of an animal trader, along with a lot of other species. Dennis’s mother was slain in a palm oil plantation so Dennis could be taken for trade in exotic pets. Meanwhile, the plantations take more and more rapidly in the original habitat of the animals. Dennis symbolizes all the victims of the palm oil industry and to call attention to the situation in Indonesia and the use of palm oil, the campaign Save Dennis started.

Ted Van Der Hulst is a specialized portrait photographer who captures the character in his photographs. He followed the progress of Dennis the Orangutan, at the SOCP Rehabilitation Center in Sumatra. He captured the daily life of Dennis and the emotional journey that he has to take without his mom.  Dennis is a symbol of the main purpose is to raise awareness for the plight of the Orangutan and the Rainforests… through Dennis' Story. 

Dennis the orangutan represents all the orangutans out there in the Indonesian forests, who all are seriously threatened to become extinct if we don't take action now. 

29.7 x 20 cm (portrait)
128 pages in black & white