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ENTANG WIHARSO by Jim Supangkat and Sarah E. Murray

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This book explores the work of Indonesian-born, U.S.-based contemporary artist Entang Wiharso. Emerging from a background of political crisis, social inequity, and rapid industrialization, Wiharso's work is an ongoing critique of the world around him. It explores the tragic, dark and disturbing realities of a post-Cold War global community, confronting moral decay, corruption, identity, racism, and violent conflict. The artist's history, themes, and artistic development are discussed in insightful essays by Jim Supangat, an International curator and critic of South East Asian art, and Sarah E. Murray, an expert on Indonesia contemporary art. 65 of Wiharso's paintings, drawings and installations are illustrated in color, supplemented by 15 black-and-white reproductions.

22 x 20.5 cm
128 pages
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