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From These Hands: A Journey Along the Coffee Trail

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By: Steve McCurry


Award‐winning photographer Steve McCurry’s celebration of coffee‐growing communities around the world, from the foothills of the Andes and the South American rain forest to the slopes of Kilimanjaro and the Jungles of Vietnam.

Source: A Portrait of Coffee Growers conveys the vibrancy of community life on coffee plantations around the world from the Andes and South American rain forests to the slopes of Kilimanjaro and the jungles of Vietnam. Portraits of workers and their families are presented alongside stunning natural landscapes that bring each coffee plantation to life.

A brand new portfolio, featuring previously unpublished images from the last ten years, Source: A Portrait of Coffee Growers, is an exciting new addition to one of the world’s most admired and popular photojournalists body of work.

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