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WAITING FOR THE SUN by Josef & Jakob Hoflehner

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'Waiting for the Sun', the artists' first full color book, is a dedication to the golden era of the American automobile industry. 'The 1960s and 70s arguably saw some of the best-designed cars to ever leave a manufacturing plant. Once seen bumper-to-bumper throughout the country, these automobiles are a rare sight on U.S. roads today. Over the past five years, we have driven across America, from coast to coast, along miles of highway and through countless neighborhoods, searching for vintage automobiles. Whether covered in snow during a winter Nebraska night, or shining in the sun of the Nevada desert, to us, these cars perfectly fit the American landscape.' - from the introduction by Jakob Hoflehner. The Hollywood-movie-like, but completely unstaged, photographs immediately take us back some 30 or 40 years in time, as the photographers were very selective and made great efforts to avoid most modern amenities and surroundings in their works. Bound in yellow vinyl, 'Waiting for the Sun' is published in a limited edition of 999 oversized hardcover copies.

30 x 38 cm (portrait)
Most Press
72 pages
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