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Chinese immigration into Indonesia dates back to the middle ages. The famous Admiral Cheng Ho visited its shores already several times after 1405 and left many traces. Strong Chinese communities are to be found everywhere. And so are their temples. Many of them in prominent places, others in remote areas; many very old and others rather newly erected. They all reflect the bright and delightful Chinese ways of architecture and decoration.

For more than thirty years during the times of the “New Order” Government they were almost hidden behind walls and not even allowed to be called temples. Since Indonesia became a free democracy they bloom again and the public may enjoy them.

The book covers for the first time on more than 400 pages many of these wonderful sites, hundreds of colored photographs illustrate the buildings and their cultural heritage, including artist works, decorations, statues and modern religious life within them..

The reader may enjoy the broad introduction to historical backgrounds, Chinese travel and migration in Asia and the Indonesian Archipelago, the Chinese system of belief, the philosophy of temple architecture in general and its various specific components, as well as traditions and festivals since the 17th century in Indonesia.

On more than 400 pages come hundreds of splendid full color photographs. The book is written in three languages: Chinese, Indonesian, English and printed on art paper in coffee table format.

Hardcover with slipcase
33 x 25 cm
420 pages
Chinese, Indonesia, English
4 kg
Genta Kreasi Nusantara