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WHITE AND VINEGAR by Daido Moriyama

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Daido Moriyama's white and vinegar is the third in an annual series of publications bearing the "MMM" imprint, those initials standing for art director Satoshi Machiguchi, project coodinator Hisako Motoo, and of course Moriyama himself. (The first two are auto-portrait (2010) and Sunflower (2011)).

white and vinegar presents single photos taken with an instant film camera on film supplied by The Impossible Project, which has been carrying on the legacy of Polaroid after the latter's 2008 decision to end production of their film. The photos are accompanied by various textual musings by Moriyama, which are printed in the book in English (the original Japanese are printed in a separate booklet included with the book).

The book has a similar feel to Stephen Shore's The Nature of Things, although the photos are Moriyama's. The text is never really a caption on the accompanying photo, but rather a chance for Moriyama to muse on all sorts of tangential concerns, some of them biographical, some of them philosophical. You'll find Moriyama waxing on his contemporaries Takuma Nakahira and Nobuyoshi Araki, explaining how he approaches photographing in a new city, or bits and pieces about his upbringing in Osaka.

Signed Edition, No. 551/1200
88 pages
Match and Company
25 x 21 cm
1 kg